This is the page on which you will enter some basic information about your business and how we may contact you. We call this your "authentication information" and we review it to determine your eligibility.

There are two steps to the registration process for a .travel domain name. The first step is to complete this authentication form and the review of eligibility. When you have submitted this form you will be taken immediately to a confirmation screen where your unique identifying number (UIN) is shown. Please make a note of this number since you will need it to complete any name registration.

The second step is to go to any of our approved registrars listed at and complete your name registration using your UIN. Each registrar charges a different price based on the services they provide, so you should review the list carefully.

It is important to note that completing this form does not reserve a domain name for you. You do not need to advise us of the domain name(s) you intend to register. Any eligible party may register any available .travel domain name.

Please enter your authentication information. Required fields are highlighted. Completing this form does not register a .travel domain name.

Important note for those whose names include diacritical marks: Please enter your name without diacritical marks (accents, umlauts etc), using the unmarked character. Domain names can use only unmarked characters.
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